How beauty brands are adapting Sustainability ethos

Many beauty companies are now striving to create products that are not only sustainable, but also have a minimal impact on the environment. This includes using natural ingredients that are sourced sustainably and reducing the use of single-use packaging. Additionally, many brands are now offering refillable and recyclable packaging, as well as upcycling initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint.


According to the British Beauty Council, the beauty industry only 14 per cent of this packaging makes it to a recycling plant, with many unrecyclable plastic elements (nozzles, pumps etc) sent to landfill.


These brands are developing packaging that is made from recycled materials, minimizing the amount of plastic used. They are also shifting from traditional transportation methods to more sustainable forms of transportation such as electric vehicles or rail transport. Additionally, they are sourcing ingredients from local farms that use sustainable practices, ensuring that their ingredients are ethically and sustainably grown.


There are many different approaches to tackling this and other environmental challenges in the beauty industry, below are the brands I believe are doing it best with sustainability.



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