"Prevention is smarter than a cure."

Adeela Crown is more than a facialist. She is a Skin Engineer.

Equipped with the knowledge she acquired studying cosmetic chemistry, her journey began over 10 years ago when she shunned a career in financial services to pursue her true passion in the world of luxury skincare.

She began this new venture as an in-house aesthetician, working alongside world-renowned plastic surgeons in London, Los Angeles and Dubai, primarily helping to aid patients with post-surgical skin recovery. Quickly becoming disenchanted with the permanence of such unnatural, invasive procedures, her mantra was born: “prevention is smarter than a cure”.

"Your skin health is a long-term investment."

Since then, she has revolutionised the average facial.

Her intelligently structured treatments are a unique combination of facial massage techniques, sophisticated technology and highly potent, transformative ingredients, all tailored precisely to every client's individual needs. By focusing on all-encompassing skin health therapies, her innovative approach elevates the archetypical skincare routine.

Adeela Crown is a master of her craft - a Skin Engineer, paving the way for the future of skincare.