Dubbed the 'skin magician' by Marie Claire, International Celebrity and On-Set Film Facialist in London, Adeela Crown advocates investing in intelligent skin therapies, which she likes to call her 'Tweakments', alongside a healthy lifestyle to preserve long-term skin-health. 

Adeela Crown's journey began over 10 years ago when she shunned a career in the City in financial services to instead pursue a more satisfying and rewarding career in Luxury skin health and skincare products.

Adeela initially began her career working alongside world-renowned international Plastic Surgeons' clinics in London, Los Angeles and Dubai, as their go-to, in-house aesthetician, to help aid post-surgical patient's skin repair and recovery process after undergoing invasive procedures.

Disenchanted with the non-naturalness and permanence of drastic invasive procedures Adeela began perfecting her own skincare approach, by following a simple mantra, that 'prevention is smarter than a cure'.

Each facial treatment and esthetician acne treatment Adeela has curated centers around this simple, yet game-changing philosophy to educate and inform her clients about the benefits of this ongoing skin-health approach.

The result - a tailored, individualized approach to Facial skincare. Adeela's Facials are often devoid of any strict step-by-step, 'one-size-fits-all' protocol, but rather smartly planned, hyper-customized treatments which are based on the condition of the skin rather than the type.

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Adeela's skincare approach follows a

simple mantra

 - "Prevention is smarter than a cure"-


Little tweaks of sophisticated technology and transformative potent ingredients, complemented with skin's regular regimen and a healthy lifestyle, over a long period of time are what Adeela Crown likes to call her 'Tweakments'.

In aesthetic surgical circles 'tweakments' are often referred to as small non-invasive procedures involving fillers, botox and small nip-tucks. However Adeela steers well clear of such procedures and rather advocates the use of the revolutionary and sophisticated technology available to aestheticians now.

Adeela spent years honing her facial massage technique by adapting Indian 'Face Yoga' skills handed down to her from her maternal family, combined with Hungarian massage, Chinese Gua-Sha, Japanese Asahi & Tanaka acupressure techniques.

This amalgamation of methods organically evolved into her unique Skindance™ - a vigorously energetic, sculpting, contouring, oxygenating, lymphatic draining massage method that lifts and tightens, all the while Adeela's hands skillfully dance around your skin.

The Skindance has become an essential component of all of Adeela's skin therapies. Adeela's aim is to leave her clients not only with a tighter, youthful complexion but also armed with new knowledge and skills to take home to continue their Skincredible™skin-health journey.


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Adeela Crown

Skin Care Expert In London


Adeela Crown has been unveiled as the exclusive visiting Facialist at the world-renowned and luxurious 5-star hotel overlooking London's Park Lane

- The Dorchester -

The Dorchester Spa is a glamourous state-of-the-art Spa that combined 1930's inspired art-deco style with timeless elegance.

Contact the Spa for bookings as Adeela Crown's dates are limited 

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