Professional Strength - Nora Bode; made in Germany

13% concentration / pH 2.5


This Facialist/Esthetician-loved professional Liquid Peel is a unique combination of 7 differently acting AHA and BHA acids:

1. Glycolic Acid (AHA) - unclogs dead skin cells to exfoliate and refine complexion

2. Salicylic Acid (BHA) - fights acne, decreases oil secretion thus reducing blemishes

3. Malic Acid (AHA) - wrinkle reduction for brighter, smoother skin texture

4. Lactic Acid (AHA) - gently targets hyperpigmentation, age spots, pigment disorders

5. Tartaric Acid (AHA) - antioxidant, fights against free radical damage

6. Gluconic Acid (AHA) - cousin to glycolic acid, draws in moisture to hydrate whilst exfoliating

7. Citric Acid (AHA) - powerful antioxidant, neutralises free radical. Brightens complexion


Used in professional treatments as a chemical exfoliant, the Acid 7 Peel works with concentrated oxygen and deep-acting collagen peptides to instantly resurface and renew the skin. It cleanses the skin deep into the pores, stimulates its metabolism and ensures a fresh appearance after just one treatment.



After 3 to 5 treatments at regular weekly intervals, you can expect: reduction of lines, wrinkles and scars, even pigmentation, purer skin, refined-