To calm your senses


Relax Tea by ĀSMI Ayurveda is a well-balanced organic herbal tea blend that will help bring a sense of calm and deep relaxation. Add it to your evening or weekend ritual.


Sustainably and regionally produced, ĀSMI has combined chamomile, lemon balm, rose petals, peppermint, and fennel to offer you the right blend to soothe your senses. Besides its pleasant mildness, the Ayurvedic tea offers you a fresh kick through its lemon-mint combination.


The calming effects are mainly caused by lemon balm, chamomile, and rose petals because to bring in a sensation of deep relaxation. In addition, Ayurveda tea supports your nervous system and helps you to recharge your batteries.


  • Reuse the chic tea tin after use. Perfect for storing dry foods like biscuits, lentils, spices, or as a vase/pot for your kitchen herbs or plants. May also hold your skincare products or brushes and more...



About ĀSMI Ayurveda

ĀSMI is a lifestyle brand with authentic products, developed with Ayurvedic experts, that is climate positive. Promoting a vision of an authentic Ayurvedic tea that is ecological, sustainable, socially integrative, and attractively packaged - in Nordic design and yet rooted in tradition.