Power of Touch: Why You Missed Facials So Much During The Pandemic

The Power of Touch | In a world bombarded by screens, a digitalisation of life, the human touch has become a rare gem. For me, as a hands-on Facialist, the power of touch has always been at the essence of everything I do.

How we shape and maintain our appearance is a social task—our bodies do so much communicating on our behalf, and being seen by people we care about is a fundamental part of our mental health.

For many people, 2020 and the first half of 2021 lacked positive, social, in-person opportunities to have their humanity reflected back at them, stress that eventually became visible in their stooped shoulders or thinning hair, dry skin, or unwelcome breakouts. Those moments of connection are returning, little by little, along with many of the other joys that make up human life.

When I talk about the power of touch, I expand beyond sensorial physical contact, I am talking about touch as a sensibility; touch is about listening, understanding, empathy.

How the sense of touch really works

Touch is approached differently among various cultures, and a diverse array of massage techniques deliver a different quality of contact and a sensorial skin-feel to the recipient, ultimately providing the brain with relaxation or refreshment. Being devoid of this vital sense of touch during the pandemic made most of you crave the long, relaxing moments of the multi-sensorial pleasure you experience during Facials and skincare treatments.

Apart from just satisfying health and well-being needs, touch can also boost skincare product efficacy and generating a wave of positive emotions to make people look and feel well. Touch, therefore;

  • Builds a sense of trust - the closeness of touch creates trust and reassurance.

  • Forges unforgettable moments - touch is linked with intimacy and safety

  • Calms and soothes - bringing balance and relieving stress

  • Gives emotional strength - physical touch gives a feeling of safety and confidence

How touch creates immersive and lasting experiences

Touch allows me direct contact with you. I made it my mission to ensure that my Facial treatments are more than mere step-by-step skincare and device application routines. When I touch, I stop and listen to what your skin, facial muscles, body temperature, pulse rhythm, and circulation communicate back to me.

I therefore deeply honour the rituals of applying my expert techniques, massaging your skin and muscles with my signature rhythmic SkinDance™ technique, using my power of touch to carry out personalised facial contour exercises and sculpting rituals that induce deep relaxation, energy flow, and ultimate well-being for you. Touch during my treatments is designed to give you the most powerful immersive experience.

I am so excited to welcome you all back for London Facial treatments at The Dorchester Spa, be hands-on, and connect face-to-face (and hands-to-face) with you all over again. I have craved that physical connection as much as you all have. Come and experience the power of touch.

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words by Adeela Crown


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