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30 - 45mins        from £125

Get personalised skin-health analysis and skin-coaching to learn practical new skincare techniques, insights into your current skincare habits, get tailored product recommendations or learn at-home facial massage skills and more from Adeela Crown in the comfort of your home. Adeela Crown's signature treatments are consistently named one of the Best Facials in London by beauty editors.


Virtual Skin-health Consultations are held via FaceTime, Skype, or Whatsapp video to help you learn about your unique skin type and how to best care for it.

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London dates are released and are available to reserve 6 weeks in advance

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What to expect from your Spa visit

We are delighted to be welcoming you back to experience the celebrated bespoke facial treatments by Adeela Crown at The Dorchester Spa. 

As well as promoting skin-health and skin-confidence your wellbeing is of utmost importance to us.


To give you peace of mind, we're pleased to share some of the changes you can expect when you visit us next for your treatment.


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120mins                  £550

Bringing together next-gen cosmetics and chemistry, Adeela Crown has devised a highly effective yet non-invasive facial to energise, sculpt and lift skin – with no discomfort or downtime – to propel skin health to a stratospheric level.


After deep exfoliation, a custom-built oxygen dome creates a hyperbaric-like anion atmosphere to deliver molecular O2 with a Nasa-perfected BioPhotonic LED veil. Needle-free ‘injections’ deliver vital 'time-release' vitamins into the skin, helping to restore elasticity and stimulate tissue repair.


To complete the advanced rejuvenation, nano-microneedling is performed with a stem cell and multi-peptide infusion, while Radio Frequency & Acoustic Wave Therapy boosts collagen synthesis for youthful lifted luminosity.

Best Anti Aging Treatment

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80mins                  £425

Adeela Crown’s distinctive hyper-hybrid treatment comprised of Microcurrent & Radio Frequency (RF) dramatically lifts, sculpts & contours to restore skin’s natural elasticity and firmness.

Adeela’s signature energetic Skindance™ uses lifting and sculpting techniques to manually tighten facial muscles for a youthful plumper look.


Recommended for those looking for non-surgical results, without the recovery time.


75mins                  £390

This incredible high-performance treatment is individually customized to hydrate and energise the skin to deliver a healthy glow.

Cosmeceutical-grade resurfacing enzymes will enhance skin’s natural luminosity, coupled with a cocktail infusion of potent vitamins, minerals, amino acids.

Adeela Crown’s signature invigorating Skindance™ will stimulate the circulation and reawaken the skin to restore skin-health.

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Vogue Adeela Crown Crowning Glowry treatment facial


90mins                  £450



This hyper-customised facial is entirely adapted to your skinhealth needs. This turbo-charged, science-led facial utilizes up to 8 different skin technologies to deliver dramatic results for skins that require deep hydration, volumisation, re-sculpting & lasting brightening glow.

Adeela Crown’s carefully curated selection of skincare ingredients with powerful, regenerative formulas will effectively renew your skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pore-impurities.

Adeela’s signature dynamic Skindance™ will oxygenate and energise to  revive the skin’s cellular engine.



90mins                  £525


Adeela Crown's signature and highly-acclaimed Microneedling therapy delivers all-around rejuvenating results by combining advanced automatic skin-needling with Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, growth factors, Nasa-inspired Biophotonics LED therapy and highly potent ‘freeze-dried’ collagen infusion.


The increased collagen production restores the skin’s natural luminosity by reducing signs of fine lines, expression lines, sun damage, discolouration and scarring with minimal downtime. 

Following a detailed skinhealth & outcome consultation, choose from:

Level 1: Nano-depth (baby Microneedling for beginners) good 

for first signs of ageing & expression lines, to minimise pores. 1-2 days downtime

Level 2: Epidermal depth. To treat deeper expression / frown / smile / neck lines and help minimise scarring & discolouration. 3-4 days downtime

Level 3: Control-depth. For scar tissue, melasma and stubborn expression lines. 5-7 days downtime

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Adeela Crown is the exclusive visiting Facialist at the world-renowned and luxurious 5-star hotel overlooking London's Park Lane

- The Dorchester -

The Dorchester Spa is a glamourous state-of-the-art Spa that combined 1930's inspired art-deco style with timeless elegance.

Contact the Spa for bookings as Adeela Crown's dates are limited 

Facialist in London

The Dorchester Spa

Adeela Crown  
the International Celebrity Facialist from London

Adeela Crown is an international celebrity Faciliast from London. Adeela as a skincare expert therapies focuses on holistic meets scientific facial treatments, anti aging treatments with sophisticated technology-driven transformative ingredients.


Find Adeela Crown at Dorchester Spa’s 'Skin Health Clinic' from nourishing the skin with a high-performance facial treatment to her online store of esthetician-approved skincare products, there is much to explore.

Adeela Crown is a Facialist in London that offer Skin Ageing Treatment, facial treatment and Skin Care products online.


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A handpicked and curated 'LIST' of nourishing, corrective & anti-ageing skincare to high-performance, anti-ageing devices. Shop Adeela Crown's tried, tested and approved luxury skincare edit.